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 Spring 2008 Chyne x Tuffy Pups
Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd CKC-HI x Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP

 8 beautiful puppies arrived April 1st 2008!

~ 4 Red tri females ~ 1 Red tri male ~ 3 Red merle females ~ 1 Red merle male ~

As with most photos on our website, just click on the photo for a larger view!

Chyne & Tuffy's last litter produced pups that are working on cattle ranches, sheep ranches, competing in stockdog trials & being great family members!
We expect all of these pups to have awesome temperaments, good looks & what it takes to do anything!

 Mikatura's Jokers Wyld


 Keegan has gone home to Katherine, Darrell, two Beagle & a Pug buddies In Squamish, British Columbia


Puppy #1-CT ~ Red Merle Male

Click here to visit Keegan's own page!

Mikatura’s Harbour City Belle


Shasta has joined Greg, Heather & Aussie buddy Simon in Nanaimo, BC

Shown above with Simon, out on her first hike in the woods!

Puppy #2-CT ~ Red Merle Female

Click here to visit Shasta's own page!

 Baker's Dozen at Mikatura

Right from the very first day, Foss has been saying "I should keep that little girl"...and more and more I've agreed with him.

The morning of July 19th 2008 we were getting ready to take sheep and Chyne to Red Deer to do herding demos at Westerner Days.  When I went to put SallyRose in with the pups for the day, this pup was up and over a 2' barrier and gone in a flash...when I turned around to look for her she had our 3 turkeys rounded up and stopped and was watching them.  If they moved she'd round them up and stop again....a 3.5 month old pup not afraid of a big (pretty ugly) Tom Turkey and his ladies?  hmmmmm!  So "the conversation" kicked in once again between Foss and I as we headed to Red Deer, with the pup along for the ride as well.  She settled down like an old pro in the truck, not a pup on her first trip to town.  Once we got to the show site, it was still early and pretty quiet when we arrived.  So Baker had her collar put on for the very first time in months, with a 5' lightweight drag line attached, and off she went investigating everything in sight, the few people, all the different animals both large and small, and then she spied the Shiz-Tzu puppies and it was love at first sight, she was mesmerized by the pups and by the kittens next door!  At least she was till she heard and saw the baby pigs, then they became her new interest as she tried to herd them through the walls of their pen!  Within an hour or two there were people everywhere, huge crowds at a time walking around the "Little Red Barn" at any given time all day.  Baker was fascinated by baby strollers, the kids were all there purely for her enjoyment she seemed to think as she greeted every single one who came near her, and searched out those that seems a little scared, those kids always got extra kisses!  At the end of the day Baker had greeted close to a thousand people, had a ride in a stroller and on a wheel-chair, she'd seen many animals up close that she'd never seen before, helped "Mom" Chyne with the sheep after Chyne did a demo, she'd been for a nice long walk around the noisy crowded mid-way and watched the pony chuck-wagon races from about 15' from the track!  She was one pooped little puppy but still managed to greet several more kids as we wearily walked to the truck to head home.  When we'd left home in the morning Baker hadn't had a collar on for at least 2 months...by the end of the day she was walking on leash like an old pro without pulling or fighting.  All she'd done was drag around a little short line all day and once in a while I would step on it to stop her progress, she learned to give to the pressure and stop, yet didn't associate it with me doing it to her, she'd just stop!  This has always been Foss' great way to leash break a pup and it worked!

Baker has gone to a wonderful new home with Gaylee and Mike...and she's close enough to visit!

Click here to visit Baker's webpage!

Baker was formerly known as Puppy #3 CT ~ Red Merle Female

 Mikatura's Lily of the Valley

Puppy #4-CT ~ Red Tri Female

This lovely young lady has gone home with Lee & Pam to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

 Mikatura's April Foolin'Around

Puppy #6-CT ~ Red Tri ~ Female

Banjo has gone to her new home in St. Albert, Alberta with Bobbi & the boys!

Mikatura's Latigo Tuff


Ty has gone to Montana to join Trudy & the gang!



Puppy #7-CT ~ Red Tri Male



This sweet gal has gone home with Brian, Marilyn & Tory!

August 2008 ~ picture above is of Charlie from her graduation from puppy class. Marilyn said "She was the star especially in the agility work!"


Puppy #8-CT ~ Red Merle Female

 Mikatura's Sonny Cheyenne


Sonnie has headed "home" to join Lynn & Dick on their cattle ranch in Princeton, British Columbia

Puppy #9-CT ~ Red Tri Female


This sweet girl has gone home to Tofield, Alberta with Taryn!

Puppy #10-CT ~ Red Tri ~ Female

Click here for photos of the pups taken April 14, 2008
Click here for photos of the pups as newborns

You may have noticed a skip in the puppy's "numbers", little Red Tri Boy (#5-CT) passed away. He's with the other Aussie Angels now.

(Underlined names in the following pedigree are links to photos and/or more information about that dog.)
More photos of the pups below their pedigree, as well as photos of Mom & Dad!

Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff Ruff Stock Power Stroke DNA-VP STDsd OTDc WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP Crown Point Kemo Sabe WTCH CH The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg
CrownPoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds
Crown Point KK Khyan WTCH LasRocosa KubliaKhan Crown Pt RDX
CrownPoints Just-a-bear
Deharos Mystic Mistress Cali DNA-CP Deharos Rio Bravo WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx
WTCH Windsongs Seasoned Salt RDX
WTCH Zephyrs Black Magic Woman RDX DNA-CP WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX RD
Windsong's Dark Delight STDc
TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS ASCA HOF Can CH WTCH LasRocosa Toms Thunder HA RTDcs HTDIIId HTDIIs HRDIIs CD RN CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd
Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
LasRocosa Riata WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX (HOF
Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
HOFX (CKC) HOF (ASCA) High Plains Pincie Creek Panda OTDsdc HI PetersRanch Dillon Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDcds WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD PATDcs RTDsc CGC (HOF)
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDcds (HOF)
Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd - CKC HS Las Rocosa Lord of The Dance STDsdc CH Las Rocosa Take This Chance STDcsd ASCA CH Las Rocosa Hilton of Hilltop Temujin Ready or Not
CH Mistretta's Gabriella Maja ATDd STDcs OTDc
HOF Las Rocosa Katy-Did-It DNA-CP CH Just Jake of Las Rocosa CD  STDcs ATDd
Las Rocosa L'Oreal STDc
ASCA/CKC CH Touchstone Brassy Executive ASCA/CKC/AKC/
CH Touchstone Mercury Rising, DNA-CP
ASCA/AKC/CKC CH PearTree Blue Moon Detv Agency ASCA/CKC CD
Touchstone Celestial Seasoning
Touchstone Outrageous Fortune CH Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga
Touchstone's One For The Money
Las Rocosa GudGolyMissMolly STDcds Las Rocosa Willie 4-A CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd STDcd
Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
Las Rocosa Lily Four A HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX
Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
Las Rocosa Suzy Diamond Touchstone Soarin Diamond Aire DNA-CP CH Diamond Aire Big Deal CD OTDds DNA CP
CH Diamond Aire Silver Showgirl
Las Rocosa Blue Diamond CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs
Crownpoint Dahlia of LasRocosa


Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd CKC-HS


Date of Birth: March 29, 2002
Registration: ASCA / CKC
Las Rocosa Lord of The Dance STDsdc
Las Rocosa GudGolyMissMolly STDcds

Colour: Red merle with bright copper & white
Eyes:  Amber & blue - CERF - Clear / Normal

Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP


Date of Birth: September 2, 2004
Registration: ASCA & CKC
Sire:  Ruff Stock Power Stroke STDsdc DNA-VP
Dam:  TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS
Colour: Red tri with bright copper & white trim
Eyes:  Amber - CERF:  Clear / Normal

Click here for pics of Chyne & Tuffy's 2006 litter!

Chyne is Foss' right hand girl, a real sweetheart to live with and a good working dog.  She helps Foss around the farm and out picking up cattle out of the bush and is his constant companion in his travels.  She trials occasionally and has proven to be extremely stock savvy. 

Tuffy has just started his working training and has a lot of natural instinct but, like his Dad Dually, he has a slightly softer approach to working.  He certainly gets the job done but isn't as pushy and 'in your face sheep' as some of our other dogs.  Tuffy is a love-bug, always in line for a hug and always willing to play ball or toss or whatever you want to do!

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