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2010 Sadi x Huck pups
Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs x 3C's Got My MoJo Workin'

Date of birth: December 29, 2010

 We expect these pups to be good companions & working prospects!!!

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Mikatura’s R7B Hinto Oliver
SH-10-1 - Blue Merle Male


Ollie is happy in his new home with Susan and family in Battle Ground, Washington

Susan tells us:  "Wanted to send you a picture of Ollie and myself. He helped to celebrate my birthday last night and he is doing very well. He is by my side at all times and has made great friends with our dogs we have here already.


The entire family is enchanted with him, he is such a cutie. He let's me know when he needs to potty so sweetly that I must really pay attention. He goes out with me every morning for chores and waits patiently in our gator while I feed. Since I play tennis a lot, he has now meet most of my team and my tennis partner adores him. He is getting plenty of socialization although he is smartly cautious.


As I am sure you know, he loves to cuddle in bed and luckily we have a nice big bed so my husband can fit in too!!"


On his way to his new home, Ollie made a stop with Foss and I in southern Idaho where he joined EllieMae working goats!




Mikatura's God of Thunder


SH10-2 - Black Bi Male

This handsome, and very gentle, lad is going to Lethbridge Alberta



Mikatura's Morning Fresh


Angus' owner sent me a card of their handsome boy with this note:

"Just thought I would send you this card with Angus (Chicken Boss) on it.  He is a wonderful dog and everyone loves him.  We have people come to the farm just to see him."


Angus - July 2013


SH10-3 - Blue Merle Male


Angus has gone home to Victoria, British Columbia to help on the family chicken farm!


and hanging out with the family...just chillin!




Mikatura’s Mochachino


SH10-4 - Red Merle Female


This sweet cheeks has joined her new family in Nanaimo, BC and loves camping and boating with them!










Mikatura's Jazzmatazz
SH10-5 - Blue Merle Female


Jazz has gone to her wonderful new home in Bragg Creek, Alberta!



Mikatura's Jarrah

SH10-6 - Red Bi Male

On the beach & watchin' & waiting in the truck on Mayne Island


Play date with sister Mocha


Jarrah (with Emma) ready to head home...and giving a ride to Mocha (shown with Martin)



Mikatura's Blue Eyed Cowboy




SH-7 - Blue Merle Male

Jax, our blue eyed cowboy, headed to Hillcrest with new partner Hayley!

In December 2011 Hayley wrote:  "Hey guys! I thought I should give you an update on my boy! Since he is officially 1! He's doing fabulous, I couldn't have ended up with a better companion. He fits our family's lifestyle perfectly. Listens very well, more to me then the rest of the family (which I don't mind haha). We were learning agility and obedience together over the summer. Into the fall I ended up getting too busy with barrel racing and kickboxing, but in the new year we will get right back at it! (Especially since he loves agility - the tunnels are his favourite!) Loves meeting new animals of all kinds! Herds the cats in the yard, making sure they don't leave the property, and then will play with them and cuddle in the house. We are constantly working on socialization; he is still reserved but comes around to most people quickly. Very protective over the family, especially my sisters one year old. Loves to play with the baby, but as soon as anything happens and he cries, Jax get's very uneasy. He is great with other kids as well, sometime's he stays away ( I would too haha) but most he will end up cuddling and playing with. LOVES to play... all the time.... everyday, all day! I swear he never gets tired! Playing in the snow is probably one of his favourites. Too bad this year we haven't had much of it! Over the summer he learned how to swim... by the end of the summer I couldn't get him out of it! Rivers, creeks, lakes, you name it, he LOOOVEESSS swimming! He is a great companion camping, would stay around the campsite and never stray away. Overall he is a great dog, and although we've had our ups and downs (very few downs), he is an awesome addition to our family! I can't thank you guys enough for providing us with such a wonderful dog! I'm sure we will be inquiring for another in a couple years.... but that won't be until Jax is exactly where I want him to be. Here's some pictures of him, he's definitely grown into the beautiful dog you told me he would be!"

Just "the good ole boys" hangin' around  :-)



  Click here to visit Jax's own page for many more photos!

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(Underlined names in the following pedigree are links to photos and/or more information about that dog.)

3C's Got My MoJo Workin' Pincie Creek Coal Cash WTCH Dogone Berets Dollar Bill RTDcs DNA-VP WTCH Pincie Creek Osceola PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-VP WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear DNA-CP CD PATDcs RD RTDcs
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis DNA-CP
WTCH Berets Brisk Winn Dollar CD RTDcs PATDcs DNA-VP WTCH Rollers Jasper RTDc DNA-CP
Diamond S Lady Zee STDc DNA-CP
Sweet Spirit of Pincie Creek Bearfoots Cinder N Ash Ruff-N-Reddy Joe Willy Wang STDd
Ruff-N-Reddy Shadey Wood Ash
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis DNA-CP WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland RDg
Slash V Paper Doll
K-J Alotta Hannah Banana Split WTCH Pincie Creek Osceolas Kyoti WTCH Pincie Creek Osceola PATDcs RD RTDcs WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis DNA-CP
Free Spirit of Pincie Creek WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Sweet Spirit of Pincie Creek
K-J Ambers Alotta Burnt Mountain Alotta Burnt Mountain WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx
Tinker of Burnt Mountain
Rebas Brandy of Burnt Mountain Zephyrs Crimson Dream
Wind Dance Reba

Mikaturas Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs

Las Rocosa Lord of the Dance STDcsd

Ch LasRocosa Take This Chance OTDs STDcd

Ch LasRocosa Hilton of Hilltop

Temujin Ready Or Not

Ch Mistrettas Gabriela Maja ATDd STDcs

Las Rocosa Katy-Did-It DNA-CP

Ch Just Jake of Las Rocosa CD STDcs ATDd

Las Rocosa L'oreal STDc

Ch Touchstone Brassy Executive

ASCA/AKC/CKC/World/FCI-Int'l/PR/Mex/IABKA-CH Touchstone Mercury Rising DNA-CP

Ch Peartree Blue Moon Detv Agency CD

Touchstone Celestial Seasoning

Touchstone Outrageous Fortune

Ch Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga

Touchstones One For the Money

TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP STDc OTDsd, CKC-HS


CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs

CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd (HOF)

LasRocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone

LasRocosa Riata

WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX (HOF)

Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc

High Plains Pincie Creek Panda HI OTDsdc

PetersRanch Dillon

Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP

Hangin' Tree Roja

Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDcds

WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD PATDcs RTDsc CGC (HOF)
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDcds (HOF)


Date of Birth:  January 25, 2010
Sire:  Pincie Creek Coal Cash
Dam:  K-J Alotta Hannah Banana Split STDcs

Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs

Date of Birth: December 11, 2003
ASCA / CKC Registered
Las Rocosa Lord of the Dance STDcsd
Dam:  TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP STDc OTDsd CKC-HS

Sadi is a nice working girl, she reminds me very much of her Mom, SallyRose, in her tenacity and 'never quit' attitude.
She is definitely Foss' girl, wiggling and talking and wanting to be with him all the time.  But she's always happy to get a cuddle from anyone
she's friends with as well, figuring a girl can never get too many cuddles!

Huck has some of the old bloodlines that are not often seen on a pedigree anymore & we're thrilled to have him in our breeding program.
Huck, though he's still young, has lots of natural instinct & balance that we think he'll throw into his pups!  Huck loves people
and is a real ham when he thinks someone may be watching him!

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