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Aussie Health
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Health Warnings (for all canines)

The above link will take you to a site outlining what I consider to be one of the best investments I've ever made!
Dr. Jones is a young Canadian Vet who isn't afraid to "buck the system" and tell the truth about vaccines, store bought foods, commonly used medications & many many other topics.
He guides you through a home pet exam, first aid, treatment of some ailments using holistic remedies, and so much more.
I purchased his Inner Circle membership this year & already have more than paid for the cost of the subscription in saved vet bills.

Take charge of your pet's health and check out http://www.theonlinevet.com/

P.S. This recommendation is unsolicited, I fully beileve this is the BEST information in my dog library!

Merck Veterinary Manual - on-line!
masbullet.gif Veterinary Partner dot com an online search engine for pet health questions http://www.veterinarypartner.com - an EXCELLENT resource page!
masbullet.gif Emergency Info Links - an very good resource page!
masbullet.gif Information about Pythiosis - a horrible "disease" dogs can catch from "standing" water! 
http://www.pythiosis.com/   http://www.addl.purdue.edu/newsletters/1999/spring/pythiosis.shtml

masbullet.gif Information about Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) poisoning in dogs - http://healthvermont.gov/enviro/bg_algae/bgalgae.aspx

masbullet.gif VetInfo - one of the most complete lists of Veterinary information that I've found!
masbullet.gif http://www.marvistavet.com - excellent information about canine diseases and vaccinations as well as lots more!
masbullet.gif The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO)
masbullet.gif The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
masbullet.gif UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
masbullet.gif Veterinary Ophthalmology Services
masbullet.gif American Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology
masbullet.gif Importance of Complete Pedigrees
masbullet.gif Immune System & Disease Resistance
masbullet.gif Herpes Infection in Dogs
masbullet.gif Health Gene Corporation - Infectious Conditions Associated With Loss Of Pregnancy In The Bitch (and other DNA info)
masbullet.gif NetVet Veterinary Resources
masbullet.gif AltVetMed - Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine
masbullet.gif Canine Genetics & Health
masbullet.gif American Veterinary Medical Association
masbullet.gif Enclyclopedia of canine vet medical information
masbullet.gif Canine vaccination schedule
masbullet.gif Canine Health Concerns - variety of articles about Canine Health
masbullet.gif The Immune System and Disease Resistance - W. Jean Dodds, DVM*
Canine Epilepsy & Thyroid Information

Also visit our Aussie Genetics page for more information & links to genetics related websites!


Links regarding blind dogs:

blindogs.com The Blind Dogs Elist
www.petcarebooks.com Living with a Blind Dog
http://www.eyevet.org/   or   http://www.eyevet.ca/ EyeVet
http://angelvest.homestead.com Littlest Angel Vests

If you do a search for "blind dog" on almost any search engine, you will find a lot of links to personal pages for Blind Dogs.


Links regarding deaf dogs:

www.myaussies.com A great informational page about training a deaf Aussie written by Jennifer Laus
www.deafdogsatlas.com/ Deaf Dog Owners E-list
www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/deafdogs email discussion list with 500+ other deaf dog owners from all over the world, subscribe to deafdogs-daily e-mail discussion list
www.kiva.net/~lindsay/deafdogs Deaf Dogs Webpage, a complimentary site to the e-mail discussion list
www.deafdogs.org/ The Deaf Dog Webpage
www.whole-dog-journal.com/pub/6_9/features/5570-1.html Deaf-initely Trainable - article from the Whole Dog Journal - great article on how to train a deaf dog
www.ehow.com/how_13674_teach-deaf-dog.html Articles about training any dog with a disability - a GREAT resource site!
www.lsu.edu/deafness/deaf.htm LSU information about deafness in dogs
http://www.deaflinx.com/resources/resources-deaf-dogs.html Resources and Guides for Owning Deaf Dogs


www.deafdogs.org/resources/vibracollar.html Instructions for building a vibrating collar
www.deafk9.com Home page for Dizzy a deaf dog with good descriptions of how they trained Dizzy & how they are training their new deaf puppy, Bertie

If you do a search for "deaf dog" on almost any search engine, you will find a lot of links to personal pages for Deaf Dogs with lots of good advice and stories about how others have overcome deafness to have long and happy lives with their canine friends!


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