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Las Rocosa Lord Of The Dance STDsdc

                                                                             Ceilidh & Dan 2007 

Multiple Canadian Kennel Club Best of Breed Winner!

Call Name: Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee)
November 26, 1999 ~ September 22, 2007

Our condolences to Dan and Marianne on the loss of their beloved Ceilidh.

Dan and Marianne missed Ceilidh so much that they decided another Aussie had to be in their lives...
in December 2007 we were lucky enough to have a young male pup named Bailey (Mikatura's Coffee'n'Baileys), a Ceilidh great-grandson,
who joined them on their new ranch in Ground Birch, BC.

Most pictures are clickable to see a larger version!


After a lot of agonizing we decided in early summer 2005 that Ceilidh needed to go to a family who had a need for a good working boy...
and we (and Ceilidh) were lucky enough to find Dan & Marianne Novotny of Diamond N Quarter Horses from Ground Birch, British Columbia.

"aww come on Dan, let me give ya a little kiss!"

Git along little doggies...

It's turned out to be a wonderful new lease on life for Ceilidh...he goes to work with Dan (riding around in a great truck), helps with their herd of cattle,
and has some beautiful country to explore when they are out on the trail!
Thank you Dan & Marianne for giving Ceilidh such a great home and a great job!

and he hadn't lost his love for a muddy puddle!

Registration: ASCA / CKC / AKC
CH Las Rocosa Take This Chance STDcsd
ASCA/CKC CH Touchstone Brassy Executive
Colour: Red merle with bright copper & full white trim

Ceilidh is a proven producer of titled working Aussies!

Ruff Stock Power Stroke DNA-VP

Stock Trial Wins:

July 2004 – WASCA/ASCA trials:
  ~  ASCA started sheep & ducks titles completed with a 1st place win
  ~ 1 leg on open cattle (a 4th place win with a score of 101...tough competition that day 

July 2003 ~ WASCA/ASCA trials:
   ~  ASCA Started Cattle title (completed)

 July 2002 ~ WASCA/ASCA trials:
   ~ 1 leg on each of his ASCA Started Sheep and Started Cattle titles

 Conformation Wins:

 CKC Shows:

Camrose, Alberta:
  March 29, 2004 ~ Second place finish
  March 28, 2004 ~ Third place finish
  October 5, 2003 ~ Best of Breed ~ Judge Laura Thompson
  October 4, 2003 ~ Best of Breed ~ Judge Dorothy Welsh
  October 3, 2003 ~ ~  Best of Opposite Sex ~ Judge Thomas Touzel

Red Deer, Alberta:
  October 31, 2003 ~ Best of Opposite Sex ~ Judge Sue Badick

 ASCA Shows:

Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta
  April 3, 2004 ~ First place finish
April 2, 2004 ~ First place finish

Australian Shepherd Fanciers of Alberta
  March 27, 2004 ~ First place finish
March 28, 2004 ~ Second place finish

Thank you to the judges for seeing the breed standard and working ability beautifully exhibited by this boy!

Herding highlights...

July 2004 - completed his ASCA started sheep title with a 1st place win, and earned 1 leg on open cattle (a 4th place win with a score of 101...tough competition that day!)  Ceilidh still has one leg on started ducks but he did not trial on ducks this year.  Thank you to Judges Dana Mackenzie & Robert Blount

July 2003 ~ completed his ASCA Started Cattle title, still one sheep leg
...I think Ceilidh wishes he could have eaten the sheep, they were a pain at our trials this year! :-)  Thank you to Judges Marti Parrish & Roy Sage

July 2002 ~ 1 leg on each of his ASCA Started Sheep and Started Cattle titles.  Thank you to Judges Marlene Davis-Gulliano & Brad Warren.

I see you but if I turn sideways I don't have to hear you tell me to get
on the grooming table! :-)
Ceilidh, September 21, 2003

I often have folks asking me what a big, intact male working dog like Ceilidh is like to live with...they wonder what his temperament is like and is he mean?  The following photos were taken February 9, 2003 and I think I'll print them just to carry around with me.  You see, we had a lamb in the kitchen that has been rejected by his mother...not only rejected but, before we could get him away, she head butted him pretty badly and he was pretty cold when Foss brought him in. The dogs were all curious and we let them all check him out (they're amazed at this little critter in their kitchen) but these photos show what I found when we finished eating breakfast...our big, bad intact,  aggressive when he needs to be, herding dawg had made himself a job. Not only that but he wouldn't let anyone/anything else help him! He didn't move for three hours except to give the lamb a kiss and make sure he's ok.  Have I told anyone lately how much I love this dog???

Ceilidh has d pups, with our Molly, who are working and are titled in the trial arena and are doing very well in training for obedience, agility, tracking and the conformation ring.  Watching Ceilidh's pups work is a pleasure, he has passed his wonderful working ability and temperament on to his get.

The name "Ceilidh" means a gathering. In Cape Breton, a ceilidh is a gathering in which musicians share their talent playing tunes and dancing and the people in attendance participate by singing, clapping along with the beat of the music and dancing. The atmosphere is very informal with musicians, singers and dancers taking turns at "centre stage". The other aspect that is prevalent in the typical Cape Breton ceilidh is that performers of all ages, from children who are learning their skills to seasoned masters, play together as equals. To me it's the perfect name for our boy, he's going to spend his life being in centre stage (I hope) and will constantly be learning and mastering new skills and teaching me things that I never knew before!

Photo courtesy of Terry Ferster
True Light Photography

During our 2003 trials Ceilidh developed a limp, we couldn't find anything wrong and as soon as Foss asked him to work he was there, no limp, just wanting to please his best buddy.  After the trials were over and we were having a quiet moment Ceilidh gave a little yip and when I went to see why, there he was with the toenail he'd broken right off sticking to his lip. It must have just been hanging on by a hair and pretty sore but he wouldn't let his friend down so he went to work sore paw and all, what an awesome boy he is!  Our boy just loves to work and has passed that wonderful instinct on to his pups! 


Here is a little information Ceilidh's  and , provided by Carol-Ann:


"Daddy Dog" is ASCA CH Las Rocosa Take This Chance, STD-s, who is a dark, red merle. Chancey is incredibly sound - both mentally and physically. He just never puts a foot down wrong! He earned his Championship with three 5-point wins, all under Senior Breeder Judges. He just started trialing in 1999, and earned three qualifying scores in four trials! He will continue in Spring time. Chancey was bred by my sister, Jeanne Joy and he is owned by, and lives with me.


"Mama Dog" is dual Champion, ASCA/CKC CH Touchstone Brassy Executive of Las Rocosa who is a powder blue with blue eyes. Curry-Beth is 5 years old (in 1999) and possess very high drive and breathtaking side movement. She has an incredible amount of natural instinct - only trialed once, so far, but very eager! This was her second litter and she is a very good mama. She earned her Canadian Championship in a two and a half months! She soon will be ready for her CD. Curry-Beth is d by multiple time Champion Phoenix, World/FCI-Int'l/AKC/ASCA/CKC/Lux/ Neth/PR/Mex/IABCA Int'l CH Touchstone Mercury Rising, DNA-CP. Phoenix was in the top 5 CKC Aussies for six consecutive years!

Please come back often and visit to see new pictures of Ceilidh and hear about his mischief and his career in the show ring!

Ceilidh's ASCA Pedigree
(if a name is underlined it's a link to a photo of the ancestor! Please use your browser's back button to return here!)
All titles awarded by ASCA unless otherwise stated.

CH Las Rocosa Take This Chance STDcsd ASCA CH Las Rocosa Hilton of Hilltop Temujin Ready or Not "Red" Las Rocosa Orion
CH Las Rocosa Justin Case UR Blue CD STDs
CH Mistretta's Gabriella Maja ATDd STDcs OTDc CH Mistrettas Mi Amigo Magica CD
Neeley's Satinn Lace
HOF Las Rocosa Katy-Did-It DNA-CP CH Just Jake of Las Rocosa CD  STDcs ATDd "Jake" CH Stonehenge Justin Case of Las Rocosa CD "Justin"
J Bar D Natachez Squaw
Las Rocosa L'Oreal STDc HOF Las Rocosa Lester CSD "Lester"
Las Rocosa Cornflower STDc
ASCA/CKC CH Touchstone Brassy Executive "Curry Beth" ASCA/CKC/AKC/
CH Touchstone Mercury Rising, DNA-CP

ASCA/AKC/CKC CH PearTree Blue Moon Detv Agency ASCA/CKC CD "AJ" CH Beauwoods A Shot of Pear Tree
CH Blue Isle's Sassy Lookin'
Touchstone Celestial Seasoning CH Talkook Superstar O Saddleback CD
Touchstone Shot The Raven STDs OTDd DNA CP
Touchstone Outrageous Fortune CH Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga "Gunner" CH Fieldmaster's Key to the Mint "Mint"
Anticipation of Glacier Crest CD
Touchstone's One For The Money CH Landshark's Ace Up My Sleeve "Ace"
Rhapsodyzed Ragtime in Blue CD

Click here for more photos and info of the life and times of Ceilidh also known as Jake...

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