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The Horses of Mikatura

We're happy to introduce you to our horses...update May 2010

May 15, 2010...Gem's baby arrived today!!!



Born sometime during the night she's a beautiful little filly and is already enjoying the beautiful Alberta sunshine after her morning nurse!

Time sure flies...and horses morph into more!  Now we're up to 16 horses and I really need to get out and get new photos of everyone!  But here's a couple of "group" shots!

May 2010...green grass finally arrives!

April 2010...eagerly awaiting the arrival of green grass!

and a couple of the girls we "rescued"...thanks to the Alberta SPCA for letting us give these lovely girls a new home

the above photos were taken the day the girls arrived...after another month on good hay & now grass they look totally different (below).

Before we got the girls they spent a month with a wonderful local equine vet and his family, being fed well and receiving great care...
 now they are starting to slick out the nasty coats...another month and they'll look totally different again!

Chinook Winds

Chinook was just a year old when she became my wedding present from Foss in August 1998. He knew how much I missed my girl Yucca (Spanish Yucca) who I sold when we moved to British Columbia about 8 years before.

August 2001, 3 days before her baby arrived

Chinook has grown to be a lovely big filly though I think I need a stepladder to get on her and we are now started with her training. She shows no fear of new things and is picking up new ideas every time we work with her. She is driving well, has accepted blankets, saddle and a bit with no problems. A little more of this and we'll start riding her for a few minutes every day.

August 1998

(Chinook's 2005 baby)

Checking things out with Mom

Having a chat with Molly

Below are photos of some of the other horses that have shared our lives...

Winston Bruce
(Chinook's 2001 baby)


I swore if Foss really did call him Bruce I'll shoot him (Foss I mean!).  Our beautiful baby boy arrived on Saturday, August 4th, 2001 and is already ruling the roost and trying to drive his Mama crazy.  He's already "latched on" to Foss and comes for loves and scratches as soon as you get within 50 feet of him. Please click on photo for a larger view!

bruce4-sm.jpg  bruce5-sm.jpg  bruce6-sm.jpg

Funny thing is he did eventually get called Bruce and it suits him! :-)

First time in a new pasture, so many things to see!

bruce.jpg  bruce2.jpg


October 5, 2001, Bruce has grown and in the past week has changed colour completely!  He's a beautiful liver red now...wonder what changes the next three or four years will bring!! 


Foss's new grey, he's always wanted a grey horse!

In 2007 there were some new girls on the farm and the horses didn't know what to make of them!
Check out our new donkeys by clicking here!




Lone Rock Delight "Bear"

bearsaddle.jpg bearcimarron.jpg

Bear (aka Care Bear), a gift from Foss when we first met...Bear was the first horse I'd ever owned and the gift of her fulfilled a dream I'd had all my life. 
The right hand picture is Bear with her beautiful black paint filly baby Cimarron, a lovely girl out of our paint stud Cherokee (shown below).

Cherokee Eclipse

cherokee1.jpg cherokee3.jpg

Cherokee Eclipse...the first stallion I'd ever really been around and a fantastic way to start. 
Cherokee had it all looks, brains, a wonderful soft temperament, he was the one horse we always trusted with our little grandkids!

Miss Legsey

legsey.jpg twoie.jpg

Miss Legsey (l), Foss' running quarter horse mare that I wouldn't ride! Beautiful horse, smooth as silk but she had this weird little quirk, after about an hour she liked to have a little rodeo and buck!  Not my cuppa tea thank you!   On the right is Legsey's beautiful stud colt Time T'Walka "Twoie"

Timber Reed


Timber Reed and her stud colt, again out of our boy Cherokee.

Spanish Yucca


and last (at least till I find pictures of all the others) but never least, our beautiful bald-faced Yucca. Yucca was Foss' girl, he bought her after only seeing her once at a distance of 1,500 feet! She turned out to be a great little filly and eventually became "my girl".  Yucca taught me more than any horse I've ever ridden and was instrumental in getting me 'back in the saddle' after too many years of not riding and being scared to because of a bad fall as a teenager. 

We sold Yucca in 1992 when we moved to British Columbia.  In 2006 I received an email from a very nice young lady down Taber way asking if "her" Yucca was in fact "my" Yucca!  After emailing back and forth we knew it was the same girl, still going strong and helping young riders ;earm the intricacies of horseback riding!  Here's a couple of sweet Yucca these days!

Yucca's Grandson...Mr. Moose! I love that name!!

Here's what Yucca's new owner had to say about her..."We bought Yucca from a neighbour who had had several foals out of Yucca, she even has a grandson ... Mr. Moose!

My dad went hunting on Yucca with the previous owner and rode Yucca with just the halter!

The previous owner rode Moose.

When we first bought Yucca I rode her at the Agriplex in riding lessons, she taught me a lot! Everybody there was commenting on what a great horse Yucca is, and how they all know her!  We still call Yucca, Yucca but my pet name for her is Nucca and Yucca-duck ... I'm not too sure how I came up with either but they stuck!  She is my first horse and is always looking for a treat! ... one of her favourite snacks is still carrots ... she has been pulling them out of the garden in the summer. Every time my younger cousins come out to the farm the first place they always ask to go is it ride Yucca! she loves walking around with them!  Yucca is a great horse and I'm SO happy my parents allowed me to get her!"


This Old Horse

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
she's seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure she's magic,
I know I hold her dear.

Another horse would suit me,
one that can run fast,
maybe one that’s younger,
or maybe one that lasts.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s long and far in tooth,
my children do remember,
her fondly from their youth.

Another horse would suit me,
a gelding in his prime,
one that needs less fixin’,
that helps me save a dime.

Why, they asked, then keep her?
why not trade her now?
bring her to an auction?
replace her with a cow?

The Rancher's brow grew heavy,
he took a staggered step,
his eyes did show his hardships,
in wrinkles, as they crept.

His breath, he took in deeply,
as he poised to say his words,
it’s as if the earth grew silent,
that his message should be heard.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
has given me her life,
I wouldn’t trade for anything,
nor either, would my wife.

Another horse would suit me,
and perhaps someday will come,
but this old gal, I love her,
she is the chosen one.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
her service she did lend,
her and I, have seen the years,
this old horse, she is my friend.

Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep,
I owe her sanctuary,
my love for her is deep.

Another horse would suit me well,
and younger days for me,
and I will keep my promise,
until our last breaths, set us free.

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