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Requiem For A Red Dog
"Tide Creeks Joey"
May 21/89 - July 13/99


He came into our lives at a herdin' dog show.
We'd just watched his Dad's run and man he could go!
Then we saw the pups and I said "Oh man,
he's coming home with us if his Mom says he can!"

So we talked to Susan who said "He's for sale,
but I hope you notice that he has no tail!"
We laughed and we told her that it wasn't absurd,
for we knew that the red boy was Australian Shepherd.

His lovely red coat, and warm amber eye,
if I couldn't have him I knew I would cry.
We asked what his name was for soon we must go,
and Susan said "he's Aussie, an Aussie named Joe!"
"The kennel is Tide Creek and Joey's your man,
now you'd better take him and go while you can."
So I picked him up, and I said to my man
"Pay that lady the money as fast as you can!"
"This boy is the handsomest one at the show,
so no one will steal him, I think we should go."

Then Sheesa she saw him and wasn't impressed,
she looked him over and thought "what a pest!"
She seemed to be asking "why'd we need another?"
But soon he would prove that he always would love her.

They grew older together, that bitch and that pup.
Through good times and bad, together they stuck.
His leg it got broken, she looked after him,
and while it was healin' she taught him to swim.

They played ball those two, for hours on end,
then curled up together their nights they would spend.
They swam in the ocean, they roamed over hills,
together they'd run and take all sort of spills.

Our Sheesa she left us, one sad winter day,
for a place so much better, or so folks they say.
Joe taught us to laugh, and he taught us to play,
if there was a game he was right in the fray.

Through Alberta and BC and Washington State,
he roamed with us always and he was our mate.
If you were of good heart, you'd be his friend,
his friendships were many and never would end.

His ball playing endurance it is legendary,
no matter the outing, his ball he would carry.
He brought up young Dani, then Molly she came,
and he never faltered, he taught them the same.

His memory lives on in the girls that he taught,
his time here is over but it wasn't for naught.
Our lives he enriched with his warm loving charm,
but he's gone to a place of no pain and no harm.

We love you and miss you, our Joey, our friend,
with a love that's forever, it will have no end.
Rest easy dear Budlight and remember we say,
that we'll be together forever, someday.

Sadly written by Jeni Gallichan 07/15/99

As a tribute to Joey and all our other wonderful Aussies who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, I've started an Aussie Tribute website. The website is open to any and all Aussies who are now waiting for us. Please click on the link below to go for a visit, and feel free to link to the Tribute site from your webpage. If you have an Aussie fur-angel that you'd like added to the page please send me an e-mail using the e-mail button below.

 Aussie Tributes


A tribute website for all Aussie owners & their furkids

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