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 Mikatura's Jokers Wyld


Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd CKC-HI x Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP

Keegan has gone home to Katherine, Darrell, two Beagle & a Pug buddies In Squamish, British Columbia


November 1, 2009 update:  Keegan got his CGN!  Congratulations to him and his great trainer Katherine!


March 3, 2009 update:  Katherine wrote "We're going to be continuing playing shaping games, working on distraction exercises which sneak in obedience without it feeling like obedience work.  Next trick we're shaping is Keegan riding a skateboar.  Yesterday he had all paws on, so now we just need to shape using one paw to kick off and move it :)  .We'll continue to build on our foundation skills around equipment and maybe using part of an obstacle for body position drills for probably anywhere from 6 mo to 1yr, and slowly make our way to running a full course using all the equipment.

I'd prefer to wait until his body has fully developed and he learns body awareness so he can safely work his way around the agility ring without ending up with stress injuries.    I hope we'll be in this sport along with others as we enjoy the years ahead."

Taiki (aka leaning tower of pisa) & Keegan looking aristocratic!




October '08 ~ Katherine wrote, "We finished a round of puppy class and puppy agility and have been enjoying every opportunity to bust through the trails at lightening speed and end up on a ridge somewhere to rest and take in the views.  Next is another round of agility and I'll try to take a video of our progress (or shear goofiness)!

Keegan is such a clown, so sweet, eager to learn something new and fits our family as if he was the last piece of our puzzle.  He's come through every normal puppy challenge with flying colours.  Our last one that we're working on is his favorite herding trait (I think he gets it from herding instinct) jumping up an taking a nip at me when we're going full tilt after we have just completed the run in agility. We're almost there to replace the urge to nip instead with jumping into my arms for a snuggle or to race after his frisbee.

I love all my dogs to bits and they have a blast together but I must tell you that Auzzie's are the easiest dogs I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  I can't believe my good fortune.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your work and knowledge in breeding and giving us the opportunity have Keegan join our family."

He is terrific at agility (we just play games around the obstacles and he's learning body awareness (attached is a puppy class designed to help their agility skills through learning tricks that we're incorporating into his agility it's clicker/treat based), http://youtube.com/watch?v=JWjex3lIOiI

He loves his puppy class, and we're out trailing it pretty much everyday or hanging out in the hammock.  My Matrix holds all of us very comfortably and we're out and about often.  He LOVES children and meeting people and other dogs (only the one's I know are gentle with puppies, which are quite a few actually...between puppy, agility & friends he's met at least 30 or more different puppies/dogs.  The dogs I don't know we work on teamwork stuff while they walk by.  Bikes and skateboards, I want to make sure he doesn't herd them so we spend time in Whistler (bike park Darrell loves to ride) and chill (lays down and chews a kong or plays with a toy) while all the bikes race by.  I think associating calm with exciting things is important, and helps a ton...especially before they get into their teenage phase.

 I have pictures on my blog if you'd like a sneak peak. Please feel free to sneak a peak anytime!  happy-houndz.blogspot.com

Nothing is better than sharing a ball, chewing a stick and rolling in the grass at Bow Lake! :-)


(Underlined names in the following pedigree are links to photos and/or more information about that dog.)
More photos of the pups below their pedigree, as well as photos of Mom & Dad!

Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff Ruff Stock Power Stroke DNA-VP STDsd OTDc WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP Crown Point Kemo Sabe WTCH CH The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg
CrownPoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds
Crown Point KK Khyan WTCH LasRocosa KubliaKhan Crown Pt RDX
CrownPoints Just-a-bear
Deharos Mystic Mistress Cali DNA-CP Deharos Rio Bravo WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx
WTCH Windsongs Seasoned Salt RDX
WTCH Zephyrs Black Magic Woman RDX DNA-CP WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX RD
Windsong's Dark Delight STDc
TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS ASCA HOF Can CH WTCH LasRocosa Toms Thunder HA RTDcs HTDIIId HTDIIs HRDIIs CD RN CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd
Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
LasRocosa Riata WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX (HOF
Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
HOFX (CKC) HOF (ASCA) High Plains Pincie Creek Panda OTDsdc HI PetersRanch Dillon Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDcds WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD PATDcs RTDsc CGC (HOF)
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDcds (HOF)
Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd - CKC HS Las Rocosa Lord of The Dance STDsdc CH Las Rocosa Take This Chance STDcsd ASCA CH Las Rocosa Hilton of Hilltop Temujin Ready or Not
CH Mistretta's Gabriella Maja ATDd STDcs OTDc
HOF Las Rocosa Katy-Did-It DNA-CP CH Just Jake of Las Rocosa CD  STDcs ATDd
Las Rocosa L'Oreal STDc
ASCA/CKC CH Touchstone Brassy Executive ASCA/CKC/AKC/
CH Touchstone Mercury Rising, DNA-CP
ASCA/AKC/CKC CH PearTree Blue Moon Detv Agency ASCA/CKC CD
Touchstone Celestial Seasoning
Touchstone Outrageous Fortune CH Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga
Touchstone's One For The Money
Las Rocosa GudGolyMissMolly STDcds Las Rocosa Willie 4-A CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd STDcd
Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
Las Rocosa Lily Four A HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX
Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
Las Rocosa Suzy Diamond Touchstone Soarin Diamond Aire DNA-CP CH Diamond Aire Big Deal CD OTDds DNA CP
CH Diamond Aire Silver Showgirl
Las Rocosa Blue Diamond CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs
Crownpoint Dahlia of LasRocosa


Click here for more pics of Keegan and his littermat4es!

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