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Mikatura's U R M I Sunchyne


TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS x Ruff Stock Power Stroke STDsdc DNA-VP

DOB 14 April 2006


This very sweet and beautiful little gal has a great home with her family in Elkford, British Columbia!

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Summer 2010

Danica says, "Mikata still loves going fishing…sometimes a bit too much LOL.
I think she wants to jump right in the river sometimes & catch one herself.
She is doing very well & we keep her very entertained with all the outdoor stuff that we do. She is also very loving to us all!"


Summer 2009


March 2009
Danica said "Thought to send some pics of Mikata, she is such a sweetie and has a heart of gold. She loves walks and is still a big fan of fishing with me.
She is a very happy pup and is very loved by us…"


2007 updates...

Danica says "Mikata is doing great and is a great fishing buddy, when she is not going after my hook ( ha ha)!"



Looks like water plays a BIG part in Mikata's life...I think our SallyRose kids are all half fish! :-)


Mikata with her buddy Hunter...Hunter is a Chyne x Tuffy pup!


Mikata is doing great and I am amazed at how easy she is learning, like stay and come, sit and lay down. She is also accustomed to being around other dogs, my friends, and is very good. It is funny though it is only Duke that she gets really excited around more than other dogs. I don't know if this is because they met first or that they are the same breed, she just goes bananas playing with him.

We have had her camping and fishing lots she likes camping a lot and likes to dig in the gopher holes she also fetches the stick in the water. We take her for walks by the river in town, she likes that too.


Mikata and Duke would sleep cuddled together, very cute!


July 2006 - Note from Danica (Mikata's new "Mom")..."Hi, hope all is well. We are all doing great. Mikata is doing well and is a very good girl. Duke and her have become friends and she is excited when they visit, they run and play together like two kids. Mikata also has learned to swim a little and likes the water a lot.


I think her watching my friend’s dog swim tempted her to give it a try. She even jumped off the dock, I don’t think she expected to get so wet, so I had to jump in and help her back on. It was very cute. She is sleeping well at night and is having a lot of fun filled days with us."


More photos of Mikata are below her pedigree!


Ruff Stock Power Stroke DNA-VP STDsd OTDc

WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP

Crown Point Kemo Sabe

WTCH CH The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg

CrownPoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds

Crown Point KK Khyan

WTCH LasRocosa KubliaKhan Crown Pt RDX

CrownPoints Just-a-bear

Deharos Mystic Mistress Cali DNA-CP

Deharos Rio Bravo

WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx

WTCH Windsongs Seasoned Salt RDX

WTCH Zephyrs Black Magic Woman RDX DNA-CP

WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX RD

Windsong's Dark Delight STDc

TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS


CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs

HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd

Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone

LasRocosa Riata

HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX

Las Rocosa Four a Blossom STDc

HOFX (CKC) HOF (ASCA) High Plains Pincie Creek Panda OTDsdc HI

PetersRanch Dillon

Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP

Hangin' Tree Roja

Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDcds

WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD PATDcs RTDsc CGC (HOF)

WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDcds (HOF)


Click here for more photos of Mikata and her siblings.

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