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CH Mikatura's Grande Prairie Skye DNA-CP

 CKC CH Mikatura's Grande Prairie Skye 

Our heart-felt congratulations to Darlene & Skye...Skye was the #6 Open Trial Dog (Sheep) for the June 2003-May 2004 Australian Shepherd Club of America year...these standings are compiled from scores for dogs all over the world!


Sister Cutter, Skye & proud "Mom" Darlene

Skye finished her CKC Championship in June 2005
at the Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club show with the expert handling of her buddy Brenda!


~ June 2005 - Canadian Kennel Club Championship
~ July 2004 - ASCA Advanced Duck, Open Sheep and Started Cattle herding titles
       under judges Dana Mackenzie & Bob Blount
~ July 2003 - ASCA Open Duck herding title under judges Marti Parrish &
       Roy Sage, and one leg on her Started Cattle title
~ July 2002 - ASCA Started Sheep herding title under judges Marleen Davis-Guliano &
       Brad Warren
~ April 2002 - CKC Herding Started title at less than 16 months of age!
~ October 28, 2001 - first leg towards her STDs,  2nd place in trial, qualifying score of
       81.5 under CKC herding Judge Tim Ballard
~ June 2001 - Best Puppy In Group - Judge Michael Hill


June 2001 - WOW!!!! Our little Skye girl went Best Puppy In Group at her very first show put on by the Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club!!! Many thanks to Skye's wonderful handler, Brenda Christenson, and to Judge Michael Hill from Ontario...and thank you to the club members for their wonderful effort and putting on the show!  ~~Darlene

Skye is a busy girl, she's already been to a 3 day training seminar to visit and socialize and she was a big hit. In May she was off to BC with Darlene to a herding seminar and then more herding in July & September in Alberta.  Somewhere in there was a tracking seminar too!

Darlene says "Skye has a really funny habit (one of several) when someone sneezes, coughs or makes any loud noise, she comes running from where ever she is, jumps right up into your face and stares at you or licks your face. So if we get that ignore thing happening, we pretend to sneeze or cough and we have her!!!!! "

Update September 2002 - Skye has been exposed to tracking, is doing excellent in the herding trials and is gearing up to show again this fall....now a new activity has been added...



August 10/01~note from Darlene ~ "This picture of Skye with our grandson Adam is the side of Skye that is most important to our family! Her willingness to share her favorite chair with a determined little man shows a side of Skye that highlights her loving and co-operative nature. This special quality secures a place in our hearts forever!!!!! Skye attacks life head on, with great enthusiasm and is never daunted by lack of experience or knowledge, you ask, she gives it a go!!!!!

Skye always has time for hugs, kisses & cuddles!

We all love the blue Woof! Woof!

These are some of the better pictures from the WASCA Herding Clinic, held in Stettler in July! This shows the "Little Heathen" (Rogers’ description, not mine) in action!!!! Not really too interested in herding eh? (VBG)


Skye is shown in these photos with Roger Stevens of Pincie Creek Aussies and her "Mom" Darlene...what an awesome pair Skye and Darlene are!
Darlene also said "The herding ability Skye displays is awesome and I hope that with more training she becomes an accomplished herding dog." (note from Jeni, having watched Skye I know she'll fulfill Dar's dreams!)




August 2001

Round and skyeherdaug20013-sm.jpg

round and

skyeherdaug20014-sm.jpg round we go!!! skyeherdaug20015-sm.jpg

May 2001 - First time on sheep... 5 months old...the following photos were taken at Lynn Leach's Downriver Farm, near Hope, British Columbia (don't forget to click on the photo for a larger view of it!)

skyeherd5-sm.jpg skyeherd4-sm.jpg
Gotta get'em!!
skyeherd3-sm.jpg skyeherd2-sm.jpg
That Texan keeps watchin' me! He's still watchin'

Second day at the clinic...
skyeherd1-sm.jpg skyeherd6-sm.jpg
Mom wants to play too! My Mom & her stick keep gettin' in the way!
Move, Move, M-O-V-E MOM!!!

January 2002 - Note just in from Darlene...she and Skye had been away at an emergency first aid course for the weekend...Dar had this to say "here is the picture of my pooooor abused girl.  This is the one of the office accidents, she was impaled with a nasty pen...she was such a funny, pretty girl!"


I must say Darlene has been great about sending me lots of photos of Skye as she grows!  Thank you Darlene for being such a wonderful "Mom" and encouraging Skye to do so many different things!  I'm sure you'll keep each other well amused in the years to come!

Click here for more pictures and stories about Skye!

Please click here to go and see Skye's pedigree.


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